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Can fog amount in August predict snowfall in winter?

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Can the amount of fog we see in August be used to predict snowfall in the winter?

According to weather folklore, it can.

"For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days in winter."

It seems like this would be something simple to keep track of, but like many of the old weather proverbs you find, it won't work for all times and places.

You will see fog in the Mississippi River bottom in August, but it doesn't always extend to the higher hills outside of the floodplain.

Why would we want to count the number of fogs anyway.

The Missouri Folklore Society says that predictions like these help us cope with the uncertainty of the future.

What about the accuracy?

Last winter the Cape Girardeau Airport reported we had snow or flurries on 28 days and fog was reported 29 times.

So this year, we know the number we are shooting for is 25.

We'll have to keep track of the snow days this winter and compare.

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