6 year old from Poplar Bluff saves family from fire

6 year old from Poplar Bluff saves family from fire

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Six years old and he literally walked through smoke and past flames to save his family from a fire!

Poplar Bluff firefighters say Hunter Crouch may be the youngest hero on record!

Firefighters say they can't believe he was able to think so quickly. The youngster saved five members of his family, three dogs and another family pet.

Firefighters say it stands to prove there's no age or size requirements to be a superhero. Hunter, his mom and dad, firefighters, and class at the Kindergarten Center met on Wednesday.

"I'm a hero," Hunter said. Humble, but proud, he is happy to see everyone praise him for his heroic efforts that could have ended tragically. He even flexed his muscles as he told he aspired to be a Power Ranger.

"We are so proud of him," said his father, Kevin Crouch.

"I didn't know he'd know what to do so quickly," said mom, Jessica Crouch.

The class proudly shouted as well: "Hunter is a hero!" in support.

"My heart just swells with pride," said teacher, Gina Hambey. "They all wanted to hug him and high-five him!"

Right now, there's not much left of the family home on B Street. In fact, it's condemned until repairs can be made. The family is staying with relatives.

His parents say he was there with his little sister and four other family members while they were at the hospital with another sick relative.

That's when an electrical fire started and Hunter was first to notice.

"I saw smoke," said Hunter.

According to firefighters and his father, he walked through thick smoke and past a flaming wall to wake up his relatives.

"He was fearless," said Kevin Crouch.

How did Hunter know what to do? Well it wasn't long ago firefighter Jeremy Downing came to his class to teach fire safety.

"It's just incredible," said Downing. "This makes it all worth it we could have had such tragedy and now we have something we can celebrate."

Hunter even said he decided to leave his beloved toys behind. But once dad got there he ran in to save Hunter's prized collection of dinosaurs.

"They mean a lot to him, but he still did what he had to do to save lives," said dad.

As for the family, they've lost everything but each other.

They say that's all that matters and their love for one another has never been greater.

"I'd give every thing I have or have ever had for my family," said Kevin.

The family is staying with relatives. Dad is a disabled veteran and many people are pitching in to try and help them rebuild their home.

Hunter was also honored by the mayor and fire department in a special ceremony last week.

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