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Study: Working women with children more productive at work

(Source: MGNOnline/Vera Kratochvil) (Source: MGNOnline/Vera Kratochvil)
Lage family Lage family
Shelly Wren and daughter Shelly Wren and daughter
Shelly Wren's stepsons Shelly Wren's stepsons
(KFVS) - Working women with children are more productive over a 30-year-career than women without children, according to a recent study. 

study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis looked at the effect of parenthood on the productivity of highly skilled workers. About 10,000 economists answered an anonymous survey. So the study is not representative of the general working population.

The study found that mothers with at least two kids were the most productive of all.

So what do Heartland moms have to say? 

"I have a very busy home life," said Alyssa Lage. 

Lage and her husband Jeff have two young children,  8-month-old Adelyn and 5-year-old Kaden. But she says that doesn't slow them down. Lage is the Director of Sales at the Cape Convention and Visitors Bureau. However, that's just the beginning of her busy life. 

"I travel a lot for my job here," said Lage. "Plus my husband Jeff and I just opened Minglewood Brewery, and we have several rental homes, and I'm active in several community organizations. We love being part of the community. We are also social people, we enjoy going on dates and staying active." 

So how do they do it? 

"Time management," said Lage. "It all comes down to that. We just have a good attitude and work together to make it work. We take it one day at a time and plan ahead when we can. It's also nice for me to have a husband that coordinates it all so well. We work as a team." 

The study also found moms with older children were even better at managing time.  That's the case for Shelly Wren, a mother of three children in their 20s. Her daughter Kaley is 24, and she also has step-sons Jacob 23, and Caleb 21. 

"As they got older there was a lot more need to stay focused and stay on task," said Wren. "With teenagers there's a lot more places you have to take them with sports and school events and still do your job as well." 

Wren has two jobs, one at Weddings and Parties Complete in Jackson and another at Simply Swirled. 

"Busy is blessed," said Wren. "There's never a dull moment in my house." 

She believes moms may become better at multitasking because they've had more practice, and the knowledge that no matter how old your kids get one thing never changes. 

"It doesn't matter what age they are kids always need their mom and their dad!" she said. 

For men, fathers of one child and those without children performed similarly throughout much of their careers. Men with two or more kids were more productive than both groups.

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