Halloween night most dangerous for kids walking

Halloween night most dangerous for kids walking

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Flocks of children will hit the neighborhood streets dressed as ghosts and goblins on Halloween night.

But, the scary part is kids are at a higher risk to get hit by a car on Halloween night than any other night of the year.

"We're having a Halloween party at school and going trick or treating," said Sydney Hoehne.

Hoehne is a kindergartner at Nell Holcomb school.

She and her classmates are walking the halls in their costume, but Halloween night they'll be walking the streets to go trick-or-treating and Hoehne said she knows to be careful.

"We get candy and we have to be safe from cars and hold mom and dad's hand," said Hoehne.

"They need an adult with them to supervise them and watch them," said Melissa Hoehne.

Hoehne said she worries about kids on Halloween night.

"It happens so quickly," said Hoehne.

"You have to be safe so you don't get run over," said Sydney Hoehne.

Before your kids go trick or treating you know to tell them to be on high alert at potentially busy intersections.

But, of the kids that have gotten hit, 70 percent of the incidents happened at spots in the middle of the block nowhere near an intersection.

And it's not just little ones, kids ages 12 through age 15 are actually at risk.

"It's very important watch where you're going don't run out in front of cars It's so important that they pay attention no matter what age they are," said Melissa Hoehne.

Before you step out the door, Hoehne warns other parents.

"Just a little bit of reflective or flashlights make a huge difference," said Hoehne.

If you're getting ready to head out the the door, you should know the 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. hour is the highest risk.

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