Halloween celebration returns for second year in Carbondale

Halloween celebration returns for second year in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - This year's Halloween will mark the second year Carbondale, Illinois leaders let bars stay open along “The Strip.”

The city council barred taverns from doing business on this holiday after it earned a reputation for vandalism and rioting decades ago.

Less than two weeks before Halloween, a party got out of hand during Carbondale's “Unofficial Halloween.”

A car was flipped over, police showed up in riot gear and three people were arrested.

SIU student David Lotsof admits it got out of control, but it shouldn't put a damper on Halloween this year.

“I don't think it will get too out of hand like Unofficial. I think that was just one, one time where everyone decided to go crazy,” said Lotsof.

He said despite the chaos, party-goers don't want another run-in with police who say they're monitoring social media and are standing by.

Lt. Reno with Carbondale Police Department said they're treating this weekend like any other fall weekend.

"We do have extra staffing on hand which we typically do every fall weekend. Last Halloween we did not have any major problems and that is what we are hoping for tonight," said Lt. Reno.

Josh Brown's business sits just off of the Strip in Carbondale.

He said he also expects a trouble-free time.

“I think it will be pretty mundane, colder temperatures are going to stop a lot of people from coming out and it hasn't been all that crazy lately,” said Brown.

While Halloween's past still haunts the minds of some, Brown said that shouldn't be the case.

“A couple of litterers occasionally but everything, that's expected. But everything has been rosey down here,” he said.

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