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11/1/14 - Fire Tax

If you're a registered voter, mark it down on your calendar to go to the polls on Tuesday. It is not only your right, it is your responsibility to stand up and be counted. 

There are many big races in our region, I trust you have seen many of the commercials on this and other stations. But one local issue in Cape Girardeau may not have risen to your attention. The City of Cape is looking for voters to extend the Fire Sales tax that was originally passed in 2004. Half of that tax will remain going forward, but the other half will expire if not extended by voters. 

The city indicates funding will be split with about 50% going toward facilities and 50% toward replacement of existing equipment and vehicles. Regardless what voters decide, the need for upgrades and repairs will never go away. If this is not passed, the city will have two options...cut funding to other services, or let the fire service to its citizens decline. 

The safety of our families and loved ones is too often dictated by a local governments ability to react to emergencies. Effective fire and police protection are vital to a prospering city. Think about that when you make your decision at the polls.

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