Tutoring service requests increase by the hundreds at Southeast

Tutoring service requests increase by the hundreds at Southeast

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Books instead of bars are trending at Southeast Missouri State University, as there is a huge increase in students signing up for tutoring by the hundreds.

What's even more interesting about the tutoring requests is that it's happening early, way before GPA's even send students into panic mode.

In fact, they've had over 700 students sign up for tutoring. That is already 200 more than the entire semester last year.

Many of the students are freshman taking a proactive approach. But, veteran students are signing up too.

"I wanted one on one attention," said Spencer Schaetzel. "I wanted the experience without the intimidation of a professor. I'm not afraid to ask questions.

"I feel like it's a really good resource for them," said Coutrney Duffy, a student who also tutors in the courses she excels in.

Tutors are trained students themselves who excel in the classes they teach.

They much have a B in the course and at least a 3.0 GPA. There's no incentive other than the experience for the tutors they volunteer their time.

"It's very fulfilling for me," said Kierra Wicks. "I love hearing they did well because of the tutoring time we spent together."

"I want to be a teacher so I'm learning a lot too," said Duffy.

"I just feel like with tutoring it helps me get the things I just wasn't understanding in a big class," said freshman, Rachel Speaks.

"It really makes a difference and it's fulfilling for me too," said Amy Rubrich, the student tutor Speaks is paired with.

We found out there's a lot of reasons behind it. Some students say they learned from hard economic times a few years ago a good education is key, many freshmen are already thinking about grad school or opportunities to graduate early.

"We know now sometimes without grad school you can't get that job you really want," said Haley Maxwell, SEMO Student. "They look hard at your GPA and that's important to start early. I get tutored in some courses and I also tutor in others."

Coordinators say awareness and expanded services also drives students to spend time with tutors.

"We have our professors encourage students sign up for tutoring," said Coordinator, Steven Taylor. "A lot of them are focused on keeping their scholarships. Some want to graduate early and there's just a greater focus now to be proactive at getting a jump on grades.

Taylor says greater numbers in enrollment is also behind the surge.

No matter what it's pleasing to faculty and parents.

"We're happy we can make so many successful pairs and have the resources available," said Taylor. "The students seeing results in test scores and we're looking forward to those first semester grades."

Tutoring is free and to sign up anytime go to the office in the University Center, room 206. Tutoring is offered Monday through Thursday and some Fridays.

The earliest it's provided is at 9 a.m. the latest is 7 p.m.

The program is provided through Learning Assistance Programs. The tutoring service is accredited and certified.

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