Gov. Beshear announces funding for two projects around Lake Barkley

Gov. Beshear announces funding for two projects around Lake Barkley

LYON COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Governor Steve Beshear announced on Wednesday funding for two projects benefiting the Lake Barkley region in Lyon County.

According to a news release, one is a multi-use "bike/ped" trail along the lake front and a new amphitheater located on the northern shore. The other includes construction of a new amphitheater.

"Lyon County and the entire Lake Barkley region comprise one of Kentucky's jewels," Gov. Beshear said. "The funding we're presenting today will further enhance an already excellent quality of life."

The Governor presented a ceremonial check for $322,300. Funding for the project comes through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) for continued development of a multi-use trail system and a scenic lookout adjacent to Lake Barkley.

The trail will connect three sections of Kuttawa. It will trace the lakefront and KY 295 and includes a scenic overlook.

The city of Kuttawa completed phase one of the trail in 2004, and is preparing to begin construction on phase two. TAP funds will complete the third phase.

"Kuttawa is setting an example for other small communities looking for ways to encourage walking and biking as a healthy, enjoyable alternative to vehicle travel," Gov. Beshear said. "This trail will help tie together the community, giving local residents a safe means of pedestrian and bicycle access."

"These investments in Lake Barkley will attract potential visitors, provide safe areas for our families to enjoy entertainment, exercise and outdoor activities, and open up opportunities for various community events," said Sen. Stan Humphries, of Cadiz.

TAP is a federally funded reimbursement program administered by the Office of Local Programs in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Department of Rural and Municipal Aid.

The City of Kuttawa will put $117,575 of local funding into the trail system.

Gov. Beshear today also presented a check for a $70,000 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to city of Kuttawa for the construction of a new amphitheater on the northern shores of Lake Barkley.

The amphitheater project, located in the "Old Kuttawa" recreational area, also includes a new walkway and lighting for the area.

"This bike and pedestrian trail will create a great recreation opportunity for all residents of Kuttawa. We plan to have a lakeside shelter by the end of phase three alongside the trail and Lake Barkley," said Kuttawa Mayor Lee McCollum. "Additionally, the Amphitheater will be an amazing addition to our community for its benefits as a public space and cornerstone for our local arts."

According to a news release, the LWCF is a grant matching reimbursement program for the development and maintenance of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities, such as campgrounds, sports and playfields, swimming and fishing areas, boating facilities and trails.

Funding for this program is allocated to the Department for Local Government by the National Park Service.

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