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11 sets of twins attend Sikeston school


What are the odds of this? There are 11 sets of twins in the seventh and eighth grade classes at Sikeston Junior High School. That means 22 of around 500 students are a twin. Teachers say that's a record.

“You've got to just walk down the hallway and when they call your twin's name, you're like ‘I'm not Zanita but hi!'” Eighth Grader Nikki Shananaquet said.

That scenario is pretty common at Sikeston Junior High. Out of the 11 sets of twins total, three are identical.

“It's weird because last year there weren't really a lot of twins and everyone was like ‘Oh my gosh, there's twins!'” Zanita Shananaquet said.

In this case, twins don't necessarily mean double the trouble, but definitely double the teasing.

“We usually don't tell people we are twins,” Dez Green said.

But, don't let them fool you, there's plenty brotherly and sisterly love to go around.

“I would do anything for her. We just don't like each other in public,” Green said.

Fara McDonald said in her 18 years of teaching this is more than double the number of twins she's ever had in the school.

“In the past, I wouldn't say more than four or five,” McDonald said. “[I] keep them across the room from each other and they're usually alphabetical order to keep them straight. They like to play tricks on you.”

They may look alike and even act alike.

“Sometimes I confuse myself, I'll be like ‘I'm Nikki. Nevermind, I'm Zanita,'” Zanita Shananaquet said.

“We are both really athletic so we do most of the same hobbies,” Emma Drury said.

However, each of them are all very different from their twin.

“The only thing I don't like about being a twin is like people walk up to you and call you the wrong name and we will be like ‘That's not me.' They'll be like ‘Oh, you guys are the same person.' No, no we aren't.”

Still, it's safe to say, these twins agree that being a twin is pretty cool.

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