Census error costs city thousands of dollars

Census error costs city thousands of dollars

CHRISTOPHER, IL (KFVS) - In Christopher, Illinois, city officials say they lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of 12 years because of a census report error.

Christopher Mayor Gary Bartolotti said he first noticed the mistake back in 2011, when the city's population dropped suddenly by 20 percent.

Bartolotti appealed the assessment and hired a Census Administrator to do a recount.

He claims the census bureau made the mistake back in 2000, which over the course of a decade cost the city quite a bit of cash.

“You run this community on tax dollars and you have X number of dollars and every dollar counts and when you lose over $40,000 a year because of a census debacle then it hurts,” said Mayor Bartolotti.

He said the city won't be refunded the money, but now that the mistake is fixed, the correct amount of state aid will be granted to the city.

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