Ladybugs invade the Heartland

Ladybugs invade the Heartland

(KFVS) - Many people in the Heartland are facing an invasion of ladybugs either inside or outside the home.

If the insects haven't made it inside your house yet, Regional Agronomy Specialist Anthony Ohmes with the University of Missouri Extension Office in Jackson says one of the best things to do is survey outside areas and try to adjust any lose fitting windows and caulk areas that might be cracked.

If ladybugs do make it inside your home, experts say the best thing to do is vacuum them up and then empty that vacuum or canister as soon as possible to get rid of the smell. 

Vacuuming is recommended because if you try to pick them out yourself, it's possible to disturb them causing them to emit a substance that can irritate some allergy sufferers and even stain walls and ceilings.

And if you think you're seeing more ladybugs this year, you're right.

Experts say this could be because of environmental conditions we had over the summer and a higher number of ladybugs were able to survive.

Ohmes says the ladybug is a beneficial insect that poses no threat to structures or homes.

It's also worth noting that during the winter, cold weather causes ladybugs to go into hibernation meaning they are virtually inactive and much less likely to be a nuisance.

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