Du Quoin Foundation changes the game for kids across the country

Du Quoin Foundation changes the game for kids across the country

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - The NubAbility Athletics Foundation, located in Du Quoin, Ill., is changing the game for kids across the country.

Sam Kuhnert wanted to create a foundation that serves kids with limb differences an opportunity to play ball, training them to succeed in major organized sports.

Kuhnert is a baseball pitcher for Morthland College. He was born without a left hand, and said every child has the chance to compete.

"Show them that they can do ti just as good with one hand as they can with two, or one foot than they do with two," he said.

The foundation started in 2012 and a yearly summer camp is held in Du Quoin, Ill., bringing in kids from all across the country.

Kuhnert said seeing these kids excel on the field is why he loves what he does.

"It's a great joy, which is what these kids bring to me," he said.

"It's a joy that can't be described, just to see them succeed, that's more than anything. I mean, you can't pay me enough money to take away from that feeling," he said.

NubAbility Athletics will partner with the Minnesota Twins organization later this year to host the "don't need 2" baseball and softball clinic at the Hammond stadium in Fort Myers, Florida.

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