Heartland high school student forms club to end bullying

Heartland high school student forms club to end bullying

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - A freshman student at Anna-Jonesboro High School who was allegedly bullied, is now forming a club to raise awareness about bullying at her school.

Kelli Smith, 14, a freshman at AJHS said she was hospitalized after being bullied. Smith said after being pushed into lockers and repeatedly called names, she entered a deep state of depression that hospitalized her.

"They called you names," Smith said. "Names I don't want to say."

Smiths mother, Angela Hewitt, said her daughter would come home from school crying.

"From the bullishness, she would complain about the kids pushing her, Hewit said. "Shoving her, actually slamming her locker on her."

But when Smith learned of

that happened at her school, she said "enough is enough."

Now, with the help of two teachers and the support of 12 of her student peers including two football players, Smith is creating a club against bullying.

"We just have people talking at lunch," Smith said. "And we try to stop the bullying afterwards."

Smith said she hopes the group will bring an end to bullying.

"It happens to a lot of people I know," Smith said. "And I just want to make a change. Even it's a small one."

Smith would like to name the group, "Enough," as in enough is enough.

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