State's attorney: Threat against schools from inmate

State's attorney: Threat against schools from inmate

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Franklin County schools will be back in session on Wednesday, Oct. 29 after a threat forced schools to close on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

According to Matt Donkin, regional superintendent of schools, the Franklin County Circuit Clerk's Office received a letter late on Monday indicating a possible threat against unspecified Franklin County Schools on Oct. 28.

Franklin County State's Attorney Evan L. Owens says the letter indicated that explosive devices had been placed in an unspecified Franklin County school and that the devices would explode on Oct. 28.

Multiple law enforcement agencies and school officials inspected the schools and deemed them safe.

Evans says the threat came from someone who is already in custody in another state on unrelated charges. That person will remain in custody for an extended period of time.

School officials and law enforcement met on Monday evening to discuss actions to address the threat.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided that schools in Franklin County would be canceled on Tuesday as law enforcement works to investigate the matter and to take appropriate actions to ensure the safety of the community.

"Although the letter did not mention specific schools, we as educators working with law enforcement officials take all threats seriously and are taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of our students and educators," Donkin said.

The closure also included two alternate schools: Project ECHO and STAR Quest Academy.

The John A. Logan College Extension Center in West Frankfort, Ill. was also closed due to the possible threat. This did not include the regular campus, just the extension center.

Morthland College in West Frankfort, Ill. was also canceled on Tuesday.

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