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Cambria Fire Department loses more than half of staff


The struggles of a small southern Illinois' village fire department have led to at least seven people resigning from the job.

The village of Cambria is currently down seven of its volunteers, including firefighters and EMT's.

As for who will step in now to fill the need?

For decades, the Village of Cambria's fire department has been staffed by volunteers.

The number of volunteers goes up a down, but according to some folks, never by this much.

The village is home to more than 1,200 people.

When word got around that seven of the 11 volunteers would no longer respond to emergency calls, it worried some.

However, with it being a small village, it isn't uncommon for other departments to team up on calls.

For some, they have confidence in knowing the positions will be filled quickly.

"Things of this nature, maybe not of this magnitude, but things of this nature happen," said Charles Stinson. "Two, three maybe four of them quit and as soon as they do there is a rash who want to volunteer to help. They will have those places filled by tomorrow or the next day."

For now, area departments will help will cover emergencies around Cambria.

Statement provided on behalf of the seven recently resigned members:

The seven members of the Cambria Volunteer Fire Department that resigned were forced to give resignations or be terminated.

This was a direct retaliation of the appointed Fire Commissioner. At the September 16th 2014 Village of Cambria Board meeting the officers of the Cambria Fire Dept. asked the Board and Mayor to have the current Fire Commissioner removed and a new fire commissioner appointed. The Fire Dept. members' reason for asking for a replacement was because there was very little to no involvement with the Fire Dept. since asking to be appointed Fire Commissioner at the January 7th 2014 Village Board meeting. The only fire department Business meetings the commissioner was in attendance at were March 19 and April 17th 2014 and then not again until October 15th.

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