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Everyday Hero: Marje Engleman

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - You may recognize her face from around town.

She pops in and out of just about every volunteer organization in Cape Girardeau.

Now she's taking her giving spirit to a new level, from a new home.

“I don't sit still very easily," said Everyday Hero Marje Engleman.

That's no joke.

Marje Engleman always has her hand in something.

“I've said to Marje more than once that if she didn't exist, we'd have to invent her. Because this country is run by volunteers and she's right at the top," said Jeff Long, Executive Director of the Chateau Girardeau Foundation.

Marje and her husband, Bill, moved to Chateau Girardeau, a retirement community in Cape Girardeau, about six months ago.

With them they brought a lifelong commitment of helping out.

“I just make time," said Marje. "You just have to carve out a little part of the day that you're going to do things.”

You'll find Marje organizing, baking and ushering in residents for different events at the Chateau.

“We'll have you sit over here to see better," she said as she helped another resident into a seminar.

Administrators there say her tireless work to decorate for holidays, bring in speakers like a 'Sock it to Me' party for men and engage her fellow seniors is a bright spot in everyone's day.

“If you have on Giants socks you're in trouble buddy," Marje joked to a male resident in full Giants memorabilia.

For Marje, it's a way to stay active.

“It gives you a reason to be up in the morning and dressed and ready to go places," she said.

Still, her busy schedule has its challenges, but that's something she relishes.

And of course, it's an opportunity to meet new people.

You may even recognize her from her time at the Salvation Army, or Red Cross, or Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitor's Bureau, or even now at the Veteran's Home.

What hasn't she done?

“God has smiled on me and my family a number of times and it's just time to repay that," Marje said.

Marje has been recognized more than once for the many ways she's given back, but more important to her than any award, is to watch her children continue that work.

“I'm so pleased that my three daughters of volunteering at school and church. That's my greatest legacy.”

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