Poplar Bluff school district employee under investigation

Poplar Bluff school district employee under investigation

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - The Poplar Bluff Police Department and Department of Family Services are investigating whether a school district employee abused a child with special needs.

We talked to the parents of the child on Wednesday, Oct. 22. They say the abuse happened at the Poplar Bluff Early Childhood Center.

According to the parents, their son, who has Autism, has come home with unexplained bruises and just doesn't seem himself.

Poplar Bluff Superintendent Chris Hon said there is an investigation regarding a district employee who committed what he calls non-sexual misconduct.

Hon said they found out about this just recently.

The family doesn't want to be identified, but they do want answers. Specifically, they want to know how something like this could happen while their son was at school where he should be safe.

"You have to buzz into the school," the father said. "They have to have your ID. They have to identify you before you can get into the school and it's supposed to keep out intruders and stuff. And then we think it's a safe place and then come to find out it's possible that things are going on in the classroom behind closed doors that we have no idea about because our child can't express himself."

The parents say they believe something has been going on in the classroom since school started, that's when their son first started acting differently.

The family says they want to be the voice for their son.

"Since it's a special ed room it should be more safe than a normal room in my opinion because those children can't all express themselves, they can't tell you what's going on," the mother said. "They can't express in any way that they are being hurt, or mentally hurt."

At this time, the school district won't tell us who the teacher is or how the allegations first surfaced.

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