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To tip or not to tip?

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When being served by a waiter or waitress at a restaurant, should you tip? And if so, how much?

The age-old debate continues as a recently published article in The Huffington Post cites nine different reasons why tipping should be "abolished." You can read the full article here.

The article argues, among other things, that tipping can be discriminatory as sometimes the amount left is based on physical appearance and not necessarily service.

However, some of those who serve us at restaurants say tips are vital to their paycheck.

"I rely on my tips more so than my check, I really do. That's my paycheck, my tips. Waitresses' and servers' pay is not near what other people's pay is," says Pam Bain who is a waitress at Sands Pancake House in Cape Girardeau.

The article also suggests that wait staff be paid the standard minimum wage, rather than the responsibility for tipping and supplementing a paycheck falling on the customer.

Bain says she would prefer being tipped, if given the choice.

"I would rather be tipped, I would. Because I think most people do tip for service, you know, how good the service is and all. So I mean you can work for your tip."

The current standard for tipping is approximately 20 percent of your food bill. Bain says that is a decent amount, but it does depend on the size of the party.

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