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Fair housing training for LGBT community in Carbondale, IL

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A training was held in Carbondale, Illinois on Tuesday discussing fair housing among those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, also known as LGBT.

Housing professionals across the state of Illinois, LGBT allies and SIU professionals came together on SIU's campus to understand the laws that protect people from housing discrimination.

Amber Madden, who works with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, said if you feel discriminated against, you should report it.

"If you go out and try to rent an apartment, or you're living in a residence hall and you're being harassed there's a legal obligation for that housing provider to protect you from that discrimination," Madden said.

While the discussion focused on fair housing, Madden also stated of those who identify as LGBT, 20 to 40 percent also identify as homeless.

For Marcus Fogliano, he said he was in that situation nearly five years ago.

“I ended up living in my car for two months when I was 19 because of being kicked out of my home, because I came out," Fogliano said.

Fogliano now works with the Illinois safe schools alliance, helping schools districts with policies that affect LGBT students.

“I'm in a completely different space in life," he said. "And I actually find myself doing work that's very relevant to the issues that I went through.”

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