East Prairie dog reunited with owner

East Prairie dog reunited with owner

EAST PRAIRIE (KFVS) - An East Prairie, Missouri yellow lab named Wrangler has been reunited with his family.

On Wednesday, Oct. 22 the city of East Prairie lowered the amount owed by the family. With help from some family and friends, the dog and owners are together again.

Carol Lee Pritchett said the city is trying to charge her hundreds of dollars to release her dog from the city pound.

"He's a beautiful little puppy. He wouldn't hurt nobody," Pritchett, Wrangler's owner, said.

Pritchett said the dog was her 10-year-old son's first pet.

East Prairie animal control officer Benjamin Miller picked up the dog over a month ago.

Now, the city is asking Pritchett to pay $340 to release the dog.

City ordinances outline owners must $10 per day the animal is in the city's care.

Wrangler has been in the pound for 34 days.

The family claims about a week passed before they knew the dog was missing. Even then, Pritchett said she thought someone picked him up and didn't think to check the pound until Monday.

"It's heartbreaking. It is. For them to try and charge us that much money and we don't have it," Pritchett said.

Miller said the situation is unfortunate, but the family in this case is lucky. He said the city typically puts down dogs after about a week of being in the pound.

However, Miller was recently on medical leave meaning the city could not carry out the euthanasia.

Now, the family is just hoping to bring their dog home.

"I'm still working on it. I told them yesterday just hold off," Pritchett said.

City police say they are trying to work out a deal so the owners do not have the full amount.

The city said it takes in hundreds of stray dogs each year and simply does not have the money or room to keep the animals for a long period of time.

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