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How safe are mobile payment systems?

Apple launched its mobile payment system, Apple Pay, on Monday. Apple launched its mobile payment system, Apple Pay, on Monday.

Google Wallet and thePayPal app have been around for a while, and now Apple will get in on the mobile payment system with its program Apple Pay.

The system launched on Monday.

However, with all the recent credit card hacks, the question is whether these mobile payment systems are safe.

According to IT specialist Robin Cole, president of The Rite Group, companies like Apple are focusing more on consumer's security.

Apple Pay relies on a near field communication antenna, which transmits your payment information.

Special Touch ID Fingerprint technology must be used to send your personal information.

"You can't just borrow the phone of somebody and walk in and by a car with it," Cole said. "You have to have their finger print."

However, Cole said there is always a catch.

"I can't tell you that there isn't someone out there that can't hack this," Cole said. "But this is the first dramatic elevation in the process."

Cole said the days of the traditional leather wallet could be be numbered, yet he said that still leaves one major question.

"What will happen to cash and credit cards, and checks?" Cole asked.

Mobile payment systems allow users to just hold up their phone to where they would normally swipe their card.

Some say people will begin to use this technology.

"I think it's a lot faster when people can have express checkout, where they already know what they want, they come in, don't have to wait on somebody to wait on hand and foot for them," Rodney Houston said, a sales representative at RadioShack.

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