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Jackson, MO artist draws Cardinal players' portraits

“You think about more than just ‘Man, he’s a great pitcher.’ I start to think about ‘I wonder what kind of guy he is,’” Taylor said. “You think about more than just ‘Man, he’s a great pitcher.’ I start to think about ‘I wonder what kind of guy he is,’” Taylor said.

It's a passion to which many people in the Heartland can relate: Cardinal baseball. However, one Jackson man does more than support the players, he draws them.

“I draw it because, you know, Adam Wainwright is one of my favorite players,” Kyle Taylor said. “I draw Stan Musial because in my opinion he's the greatest player to ever play the game.”

Many fans are pulling for the Cards in the post season, but 24-year-old Taylor is watching closer than all of us.

“This celebrates one moment in time that was captured for everyone to see,” Taylor said as he holds up a drawing.

Its memorable moments that sports fans can relive over and over.

Taylor is a lifelong cardinal fan.

“I'm invested, emotionally, mentally, if they lose, I feel like I've lost,” Taylor said.

That's not the only reason Taylor watches the games a little more intensely than most of us.

“It's almost a cheat sheet for me, I've got the subject right there in front of me,” Taylor said.

He's looking out for more than just RBIs and home runs.

“I've got the real thing right there on TV,” Taylor said.

When watching the game, he's looking for inspiration.

“You see him on TV and you remember that spot on his face,” Taylor said.

Taylor said what's on the paper, to him, isn't just a player.

“You think about more than just ‘Man, he's a great pitcher.' I start to think about ‘I wonder what kind of guy he is,'” Taylor said.

“And while I draw it I think ‘Man, if Waino saw this would he be like man, that's really good?'” Taylor said.

It's probably safe to say, he'd approve. However, Taylor's talent goes beyond baseball.

“These are just normal every day folks,” Taylor said.

He said at the end of the day, it's less about the portrait and more about the person.

“Any time you draw people, you're going to get an emotion,” Taylor said.

It's those emotions with which more and more people are connecting. Taylor has been commissioned to draw portraits across the country and even across the globe.

“To watch what he loves become a job or a career has been incredible because I think it's important for people to love what they do,” Danielle Ingram, Taylor's girlfriend, said.

And love it, he sure does. He's a humble hometown artist.

“All the hard work is done,” Taylor said as he points to a portrait of Stan Musial, “He's the one that made himself well known and beloved to so many Cardinals' fans,”

Kyle Taylor's portraits are hitting home runs that go beyond Cardinal Nation.

“Goals of mine would be to reach as many people as I could, to reach a platform where I can let everyone enjoy it,” Taylor said.

Taylor said one of his dreams is to sell his portraits at the Cardinals Club house at Busch stadium.

If you'd like to come see his work in Cape Girardeau, he's having an art show this Saturday, October 18 starting at 5:30 p.m. at City Church on Broadway Street.

For more information on the art show and Taylor's art work, click here to visit his Facebook page.

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