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Cape Girardeau Jr. High School apologizes after survey controversy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Several parents have complained about a survey students were given at the Cape Girardeau Junior High School. Some say it contained inappropriate questions about drug use and the students' sexuality.

After hearing those complaints, Junior High Principal Carla Fee sent a letter home to parents saying most of the questions were about "typical teenage issues," but admits there were a few questions not appropriate for seventh and eighth graders.    

Cape Girardeau Public School officials say the survey was through a local program called EPIC, which works to prevent teen drug abuse.

School officials say they assumed the survey was acceptable and did not review the entire thing before giving it to the students.

"My initial reaction was being appalled," said Tara Lang, a parent of a 13 year old. "I was really surprised they were asking these types of questions. At my age, we certainly didn't even know what some of the words on there even meant."

Principal Fee said after realizing some of the questions were what they call "inappropriate," she contacted EPIC and asked them to delete the results they got from Cape Girardeau school students.

"They are still naive at this age," Lang said. "We need to protect the innocence of our children as long as we can. This survey certainly did not do that. It is bringing to light things they are not ready for."

The EPIC program director sent a statement to Heartland News saying they ask some of the schools to give the survey.

They say this is so that schools can have an idea of what's going on in their community, and so that EPIC will be able to develop appropriate drug abuse prevention programs.

The director said schools are able to eliminate certain questions in an online version.

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