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Public health officials meet in Marion to discuss Ebola

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Two-hundred-fifty emergency workers got together to talk about disaster preparedness in Marion, Illinois on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

On the agenda, the Ebola crisis and how it could impact us here. 

After two nurses caught Ebola while treating a patient, public health employees are reviewing standards and practices to make sure everyone stays safe.

Public health law expert, Jennifer Brobst said people at home should make sure they know how Ebola can be contracted.

"They should understand the symptoms and it's concerning that government responses are encouraging some but not all," Brobst said. "And I would highly encourage the public to look at the internet, and go to their public health doctor to find out the symptoms."

Emergency officials say finding out whether or not someone has Ebola, is treated the same as any other infectious disease, with one small difference.

"There's a specific two-question screening tool," Memorial Hospital EMS System Coordinator, Brad Robinson said. "Are they running a fever, and have they recently traveled to the Western part of Africa."

These questions are asked during initial contact with a patient who may have been infected.  

Emergency officials say although there is not much concern here, they want to make sure they take all necessary precautions. 

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