City of Marion moves to fix flooding issues

City of Marion moves to fix flooding issues

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Years of dealing with flooded streets and submerged driveways have Marion, Illinois leaders eager to fix the problem.

At Monday night's city council meeting, members voted to use $130,000 from the general fund toward a flood control project.

East Patton Drive is one of two sections in Marion that sees a lot of flooding every time rain is in the forecast.

Pictures from a neighbor show just how bad it gets.

They were taken steps outside their front door.

At times, folks say they see up to three to four feet of water covering the roads, reaching their garages and cars.

Some say they have to wait out the flooding in a nearby parking lot before they can drive home.

“It gets in their garages and takes about 45 minutes for it to drain off,” said Alice Mohr who lives on East Patton. “I'm the last house on the street and sometimes I wonder if I had an emergency how I would get out so that is going to be great. I drove through it because I couldn't tell how deep it was and my car blew up right in the middle of it.”

According to Mayor Bob Butler, the money will be used toward upgrading the sewer system and pave surrounding ditches.

An engineer is working on the plans.

Mayor Bob Butler said they hope to apply for bids "very shortly."

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