Will Whiteash be the first Illinois village to dissolve?

Will Whiteash be the first Illinois village to dissolve?

WHITEASH, IL (KFVS) - Over a century old, the village of Whiteash, Illinois could soon cease to exist.

For the nearly 300 residents, it's decision they'll make this November.

But why?

The Village of Whiteash, Illinois sits just north of Marion.

You won't find a school or even a mayor there.

Come November, residents will head to the polls to decide whether to dissolve their tiny village.

“They deserve to have something done for the taxes they are paying,” said Village Trustee Gary Jones.

He says the lack of leadership within the Williamson County village has led to problems financially.

Bills went unpaid and years passed without an audit conducted.

"I feel that the county taking over is the best way to go and if they don't whoever votes to not dissolve it needs to step up and take it over," said Jones.

"There were three vehicles last summer (winter) off in this ditch and two on this side and if you can tell that's a pretty nice ditch to have to go down," said Tonnie Nordmeyer who owns Sunshine towing.

She recalls the harsh winter the year before.

With no street crews to plow the village roads, she says the roads turned into a sheet of ice.

Despite the extra business, she says it's not worth it.

"I'd rather have people safe and the roads in good condition for them (residents) to get up and down," she said.

Jones says a yes vote would mean better maintenance of village roads and properties.

And the folks of Whiteash deserve the best.

"But they're good folks," said Jones.

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