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Heartland emergency workers monitor, prepare for Ebola


Medical officials and emergency responders in Cape Girardeau say they're preparing for Ebola the same way they'd prepare for the spread of any disease.

For the fire department, that means checking their gear, like suits and gloves, and going over procedures and policies for responding.

Assistant Chief Mark Hasheider said some of the most important pieces of equipment are respiratory masks and eye protection.

He said local emergency medical workers are watching Ebola trends and making sure they're asking key questions when responding to medical calls.

“If they are experiencing flu like symptoms, there are some background questions that our EMTs, our paramedics, would start asking to see if they have any connection with West Africa, have they traveled overseas? Those types of items,” Hasheider said.

EMS workers aren't the only ones keeping watch to Ebola, the county health department is also closely monitoring it.

Officials there say they're also going over procedures and preparing for Ebola as they would be for any disease.

They say they are working with the CDC to stay ahead of the trends.

“We are treating a response and investigation, approaching it like we would anything else. We are as watchful and mindful of the flu right now as well,” Jane Wernsman, executive director of the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center, said.

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