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Realtors consider getting CCW following Arkansas murder


A lot of realtors know what it's like to work alone and are determined not to become a victim. It's been two weeks since an Arkansas real estate agent was murdered on the job.

It has a lot of Heartland realtors thinking about safety and more are now considering getting their Conceal and Carry Weapon permit.

“Once they were in the home and out of sight, you're a victim right then,” Realtor Rick Sinclair said.

After the incident in Arkansas, it's no secret that showing homes is a dangerous job. Many homes are vacant, dark and realtors are going in for a one-on-one with a stranger.

Some realtors say they want to be ready for the worst. Sinclair said people who work in real estate can't be too careful.

"You have to be ready,” Sinclair said.

He's been a CCW permit holder for about three years.

"I have [a gun] that will clip behind my back inside my coat,” Sinclair said.

Still, he said he hopes he never has to use it.

"If you don't feel safe, first off, don't go, or ask someone to go with you,” Sinclair said.

He said the first goal is to never get into an unsafe situation.

"You just have to assess the situation before hand and if you're going to be out too far, make sure somebody knows you're going out there,” Sinclair said.

Prevention was also the main message at the realtor safety training on Wednesday at 21 Century Ashland Realty Company in Cape Girardeau.

"How do we work with our agents to make sure they're not in danger?” Owner Tim Merideth said.

Merideth said aside from the training, 17 agents there have chosen to earn their CCW permits.

"We don't want to be in a position where we have to use it, but if we are, we would rather be trained, know how to use is so that the gun is not used against us,” Merideth said.

He said it's something more and more realtors are considering.

"What we see on the state and the national level is that the focus has turned back to agent's safety.” Merideth said.

Both Merideth and Sinclair agree that training is key.

"Just getting your weapon, your CCW, that's only part of it, you have to be trained, you need to know how to handle that weapon,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair also suggests that only realtors who feel comfortable with carrying a gun should have a CCW. If you're not, he said there are other ways to carry protection, like pepper spray.

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