Health Departments hoping to see state funding as promised

Health Departments hoping to see state funding as promised

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - More than 100 health departments across the state of Missouri are facing the threat of state funding cuts.

Department leaders at the Mississippi County Health Departments say everything from job cuts to trimming up the hours are all on the table.

"Not to say Ebola is going to happen tomorrow but we want to be prepared and have the staff ready to handle those situations," Administrator Rachelle Johnson said.

Johnson says they had a conference call on Wednesday at noon discussing Ebola and the steps departments need to take.

She wants people to know that requires funding, however, that money is being withheld right now.

"Every health department is looking at their budget to see what is going to happen and what services they are going to have to cut back on," Johnson said.

Johnson says none of the 115 Missouri Health departments have received the any money.

Governor Nixon is with-holding that money in order to balance the balance.

"There are statues in the law that says we will do these items, so if there is no funding to do those state statutes, then what do we do," Johnson said.

Johnson says this isn't the first time health departments have seen cuts.

Back in 2008, Mississippi County received about $65,000 from the state.

She estimates it at $11,000 this year.

"Well, I know some of the health departments I talked today said they are looking at closing down and only being open 4 days a week instead of 5 days a week or they are looking at laying an individual from their position," Johnson said. "This isn't just Mississippi County that's worrying about it. It's the whole state."

In a statement, the Governor's staff said that revenue is limited, and the Governor is responsible in keeping the budget in balance. If money becomes available, he will look at releasing it.

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