No bond for man accused of threatening SIU

No bond for man accused of threatening SIU

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Will he be free or stay behind bars?

That is what the folks on the campus of Southern Illinois University want to know about 21-year-old Derrick Burns.

The former student is accused of mailing disturbing threats of beheadings, bombings and other violence to the Carbondale campus. He appeared in Federal court on Tuesday.

Last week a judge ruled Burns could be eligible for bond but stayed her decision while prosecutors appealed.

Prosecution presented evidence in hopes of reversing that order.

Burns appeared in front of a judge wearing an orange jumpsuit and was comforted by his attorney.

There were no friends or family in the courtroom.

In an effort to keep him behind bars the prosecution presented new evidence which included a report that Burns had been arrested by a Chicago Police officer in August.

The report claims he ran away from police and was carrying a bat when he was caught, which he said was for his protection against bullies.

The judge expressed concern that Burns was more of a danger to himself than others; and while there is no evidence that Burns would go through with his campus threats, they were still serious crimes and there would be no bond.

The judge wants Burns' attorney to spend more time with him to see if he needs mental evaluation.

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