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10/7/14 - Movie Making in Missouri

After months of waiting, Gone Girl is finally available at a “theater near you.” Many residents here have been beside themselves-first, early on, trying to land a spot in the movie, and recently trying to get to a theater to see if they made the final cut. 

We hope everyone enjoyed the experience but you also need to know it may never happen here again. Why? It's simple...tax credits.

    "Without the tax credits, we couldn't be here." 
    --Juan Camacho, Executive Director of Government Affairs, Fox Entertainment Group

Those the words were spoken by a studio representative last week just before the first Cape Girardeau screening of the movie. Those words were loud and clear. Hollywood is about big business, as well as telling a good story. Shooting part of Gone Girl here generated about $7.8 million into our local economy. Thanks to the Missouri Film Tax Credit, the studios will be able to recoup up to $2.36 million of those dollars. However, that program expired shortly after the film wrapped production here. 

State Representative Kathy Swan sponsored a bill that would have continued the program last year but was unsuccessful. There are hopes that she will try again. If you support this kind of economic development, contact your state representative. If we want to see filmmakers come back to Missouri, then Missouri must reinstate a film tax credit. Until then, the promise of such an economic boost is "Gone."

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