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Grace period given for IL voter registration

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - There are two days left for regular voter registration in Illinois ahead of the November 4 election.

If you waited until the last minute to register, don't panic.

Starting on Wednesday, voters will be able to register during a "grace period" that lasts through Election Day.

The process is a little different, but the extension is all about convenience and increasing voter turnout.

While it's not a presidential election, the November Ballot will include controversial advisory questions surrounding the state's minimum wage, birth control and taxes and the most talked about race: Illinois' governor.

Here's what you need to know about the grace period.

Those who register during the grace period should be prepared to cast a ballot the same day.

It will be a provisional ballot, meaning that your ballot will be set aside while election officials verify your registration during a two-week period after Election Day to see if you are eligible to vote.

You will need two forms of identification, which is the same rule that applies to those who register before the grace period.

Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes said that while the extension is about convenience, it also opens the doors for voter fraud.

“We go through extensive testing through every election. On the machines, the ballots and counting systems we run through just to make sure everything is running properly and counting properly. So, we do a lot of testing and a lot of overtime,” she said.

Illinois residents can register to vote at the election authority in their jurisdiction, which is likely the county clerk's office.

It's not unusual for interest groups to send out voter registration forms to potential voters close to election time.

Election officials want to remind everyone that if you plan to mail those forms back in, be sure to check the mailing address.

You can do so by calling your county clerk's office.

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