Neighbors and church leaders respond to recent Cape shootings

Neighbors and church leaders respond to recent Cape shootings

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Neighbors and community leaders are speaking out about a pair of shootings that recently took place in Cape Girardeau.

The incidents happened two days apart and just blocks from one another. The first happened on October 2, near the 500 block of S. Pacific and left one man shot in the leg. The other happened on October 4 near the intersection of Morgan Oak and Sprigg streets and left another man shot.

The latest shootings and three open homicide cases from this summer all happened within about a one mile radius of each other.

While the shootings may be concentrated to one area, community leaders say the issues reach far beyond that neighborhood.

"It affects everybody," St. James Rev. Howard McGee Jr. said. "It's happening all over the country. The violence were having is affecting all of us in one way or another, our property, our safety, our children."

McGee and Cape church leaders, along with the police, have been working to improve community outreach.

They've formed a coalition with one hope being communication between residents and police improves, especially in shooting investigations.

"Crime in itself is something we're dealing with and we're just trying to make people aware of it," McGee Jr. said. "Hopefully we can convince the people to take ownership of their own block and start to not be afraid to speak up when they see something happen."

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