Death investigation solved after 30 years in Frankfort, KY

Death investigation solved after 30 years in Frankfort, KY

FRANKFORT, KY (KFVS) - A missing person's case is solved after 30 years of investigation in Frankfort, Kentucky.

In May 2014, the Kentucky State Police

Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Section

received prints from a 1984 death investigation.

The prints were submitted to the Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Office and the Jefferson Co. Corrections Department in 1984, but they were unable to identify the victim.

Keith Dollinger, a forensic specialist analyst with KSP AFIS, was asked to review the missing person's case.

After reviewing the fingerprints, Dollinger noticed that one set of prints appeared to be switched (left-hand fingerprints on a right-hand strip card and right-hand fingerprints on a left-hand strip card).

KSP believe that the victim's prints had been improperly recorded at the time of the autopsy.

When searching the FBI's AFIS system, Dollinger noticed the prints belonged to Roy Andrew Langley. 

Langley was struck and killed in 1984 by a semi-tractor trailer while walking on I-65 near Elizabethtown.

The victim's sister was located in Texas and was formally notified of her brother's death.

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