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EF1 tornado confirmed near Benton, KY

BENTON, IL (KFVS) - An EF1 tornado was confirmed just south of Benton, Ky. early Friday morning.

It hit at 12:10 a.m. on the south side Benton. Based on the report, this tornado lasted for only 40 seconds. Peak winds reached 105 mph. The path was half a mile long and 125 yards wide. A tire business was destroyed with roof damage and a large portion of a block wall damaged. Two additional buildings had wall and roof damage. Two homes had fascia, siding, and shingle damage. Two garages lost some shingles. A church had some shattered windows.

This was a quick spin up that hit without warning, not even a severe thunderstorm warning. The Heartland did not see anything on radar. These high shear environments can be dangerous with no warning. 

The FirstAlert StormTeam gave a warning to southern Kentucky that this storm was moving their way.

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