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Everyday Hero: Tina Dohogne-Nations

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - How many people can say they've stayed in the same job for 34 years?

Probably not many.

But that's the case for one Chaffee woman who has devoted her life working toward a greater good.

“I get to see miracles every day," said Tina Dohogne-Nations.

In part, because she facilitates those miracles.

Tina Dohogne-Nations grew up on a farm where she learned how to lend a helping hand.

A selfless trait that's guided not only her career, but given her purpose.

“This is where I'm supposed to be," Dohogne-Nations said. "I think that God put us here to help others and if I can do that in some small way, I will.”

And so she does.

She pairs volunteers with people in need at Retired Senior Volunteer Program/Volunteer Intergenerational Center (RSVP/VIC).

And after 34 years, you probably couldn't imagine the stories she's amassed.

“Some of them have made me sad, some have made me laugh, and some have made me cry," she said. "I have so many stories that I can share with people.”

One special to her came when she was just starting out.

A young boy was taken from a home where he was being abused.

The volunteer who worked with him and talked to him just couldn't get him to connect.

He never uttered a word.

After several months, it simply broke the volunteer's spirit.

“She was getting ready to leave. She leaned over to him and she said 'Joshua, Grandma Wanda is leaving. I'm not coming back for awhile. I still want you to try to talk and communicate with counselors here, but just remember that I love you.' And she leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head," Dohogne-Nations said.

But then, a breakthrough.

"As she was getting up the little boy stood up and said 'No.' And that was it.”

“It gets me every time. And that changed my life then and there. After being in this program only three years, I realized that volunteers are very important," she said.

So she dedicated her life to working with volunteers.

Thousands of them; from young to old.

It was her dedication to helping those in need that landed her a visit with President Obama in 2008.

Despite the recognition and awards, she won't take any of the credit.

“I can tell you right now, I'm not an Everyday Hero at all. A person who helps a child and protects them from being further abused. Or a person that visits a senior in a local nursing facility to make sure they don't feel alone and isolated. Or a person that goes to a family and sits with one of their loved ones who's dying of cancer, that's an Everyday Hero. I just get the privilege of being a part of these hero's lives.”

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