71-year-old man robbed at gunpoint in his home

71-year-old man robbed at gunpoint in his home

NEW MADRID, MO (KFVS) - It was a scary situation for a 71-year old New Madrid, Missouri man when he was robbed at gunpoint in his own home.

One suspect is in custody tonight in connection with that crime. 23-year-old Tyler Johnson is facing charges of robbery, armed criminal action, burglary, and kidnapping.

The victim, Larry Daniels, said when he opened his front door on Saturday evening, he certainly wasn't expecting to find a man with a gun.

"I opened the door and he shoved a gun in my face and said 'Turn around, I want your money,'" Daniels said.

Just before that knock at his door, Larry Daniels had called police to report an unusual phone call he'd received.

"I thought it was a police officer," Daniels said.

Instead, he came face-to-face with a gun.

"He came on in, he said, 'Now, where's your money?' I said, 'It's in my wallet, what I have. I only have 35 dollars,'" Daniels said.

Daniels started to lead Johnson back toward his bedroom to get the money.

"I turned around when he told me not to and that's when he popped me in the head with the pistol and it knocked me over this table and onto the couch," Daniels said.

Then, he got up.

"[We continued] down the hallway and he kept his gun on the back of my head," Daniels said.

When they got the bedroom, Johnson told Daniels to get on the floor while he took Daniel's money and credit card.

"He said, 'Don't move or I will shoot you.' I said, 'I'm not going to move.' So, I stayed there for a second and I heard this door shut," Daniels said.

That's when Daniels knew he was gone. Still, it's something he and his family will never forget.

"It's like if it happened to him, it could happen to anyone. How would the suspect feel if it was his father?" Susan McComas said.

McComas said, Daniels daughter, says she's glad her dad wasn't hurt worse.

"It's a crying shame and the violence needs to stop here and if we don't stand for something we will fall for anything," McComas said.

Daniels said he's still a little bruised.

"When I look in the mirror it will give me a reminder of what happened," Daniels said.

Now, he's warning everyone else. He says let this be a reminder.

"They target the people that they know might be alone especially the older people, might be retired or whatever, and to those folks I'd like to tell them watch what you do, keep alert, don't let your guard down because I did and that's what happened," Daniels said.

Police say Johnson tried to use Daniels' credit card at a Cape Girardeau Walmart. They were then able to review the surveillance footage and identify him.

According to a separate Probable Cause Statement, Johnson is also accused of robbing a Cape Girardeau Dollar General store at gun point.

He's facing charges in both Cape Girardeau and New Madrid Counties.

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