Union Co. state's attorney warns public of alleged 'scam'

Union Co. state's attorney warns public of alleged 'scam'

UNION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Union County State's Attorney, Tyler R. Edmonds, is alerting the public to what he calls an ongoing scam that has targeted residents.

According to Edmonds, an individual claiming to be affiliated with Ameren makes unsolicited calls to Union County residents.

He said the "scammer" claims the resident being called owes a specified amount of money for unpaid electric bills. They then tell the resident to pay by credit card over the phone to satisfy the bill or the electric will be shut off.

Edmonds urges the public to guard against such telephone scams. He said do not disclose sensitive financial or identification information over the phone unless you placed the call or you are sure of the company or individual you are talking to.

For more information or to report suspicious activity, you can call the Union County State's Attorney's Office at 618-833-7216 or the Union County Sheriff's Office at 618-833-5500.

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