Memorial wall dedicated to fallen Perry County miner

Memorial wall dedicated to fallen Perry County miner

PERRY COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - A memorial wall was dedicated on Sunday to a fallen coal miner in Perry County, Illinois.

More than a hundred people attended the opening of the wall. the Chamness family cut a large yellow ribbon opening the monument area.

“I had just left the mine probably two or three hours before that," Eric Gayer said, the younger Chamness best friend. "After I got the news – It was something you don't ever want to here.”

The wall was dedicated to Tim Chamness, a miner who lost his life in a coal mining accident on February 13, 2013.

“It's been tough, it still is tough," Gayer said.

It's also a symbol of the all of the other men and women who have lost their lives while bringing energy to the nation.

The younger Chamness' friend Matt Whitlow says this wall is a good representation of his friend.

“Take a minute, get away from everything that's real life and just sit out here," Whitlow said. "You know, it's Tim -- In the middle of a cornfield, out on the country roads.”

The idea to build the wall came from Knight Hawk Coal Mining, the company Chamness worked for.

"I wish the wall wasn't here and Tim was instead, but I think it's a great tribute," Jean Chamness said the younger Chamness' mother.

Coal miners helped build this and many of the supplies were donated by local businesses.

It stands 6' tall to represent Chamness' birth month.

The wall is 18' long to represent his birthday.

Chamness, a Knight Hawk Coal miner at the Praire mine in Perry County, is the only Knight Coal miner in the company's 16 year history to be killed in a mining incident.

And in the center there is an inscribed circle completes his birth year - June 18, 1984.

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