Profile Toner

Profile Toner
By: Amy Jacquin

It claims to be a face-lift in a box! The Profile Toner is really just a foamy ball made to exercise your neck and chin. But is this nerf-like ball worth the $30 price tag?
The instructional video that comes with the Profile Toner demonstrates several exercises that makers say reduce your double chin, reduce wrinkles, and reduce tension. They involve holding a softball-sized foam ball under your chin, and then pressing your chin down toward your neck, into the ball. Some call for opening your jaw to add additional resistance.
We bounced the theory off a Cape Girardeau plastic surgeon. And it doesn't take Dr. Trent Jones long to form his opinion about the profile toner.
"Please review the instructional manual," Dr. Jones laughingly reads out of the instructional pamphlet. "See 'warnings' on page three! Ha ha ha!"
And Dr. Jones isn't the only sceptic. Would you really do these exercises at least three minutes a day for eight weeks? We asked several Cape Girardeau residents for their honest opinion.
"I don't know." admits Teresa Connell. "I think just a sound weight-loss program might be better."
"I think I would probably just throw it around like a ball," says Kim Rogers. "I don't think I would use it."
"You work out the rest of your body to tone those muscles," rationalized Amy Cole. "I don't see why it shouldn't tone your face!"
Actually, Dr. Jones believes the Profile Toner will tone your front neck muscles . But that's not necessarily a good thing.
"See those lines in her neck?," asks Dr. Jones, referring to faint lines running up and down the model's neck. "They're called platisma bands. If your platisma bands are too tight, that will change the angle of your chin. Instead of having a nice sharp angle, your chin line will come almost strait down from your chin into your neck. Usually in a face lift, we have to go in and cut those bands you so you don't have lines down your throat. One thing I see that this actually does do is increase platisma banding in your neck. But I can't see too many women who want strong, hefty neck muscles!"
Another point Dr. Jones focuses on, is that you can't spot reduce. All the Profile Toning in the world isn't going to get extra fat off your neck or chin. Only diet and overall weight loss will do that.
"Most of the time when people have complaints about the way their neck looks, it's the result of over-developed or stringy neck muscles, fat deposits, and loose skin," explains Dr. Jones. "And this exercise won't address any of those problems."
As far as the testimonials on the box, showing before and after photos? Don't believe everything you see. Dr. Jones says it's easy to change your profile by tilting your head back and sucking up your tongue. And we wondered about the high-tech insides responsible for toning you up. so Dr. Jones did a little surgery.
"Well, there it is," the doctor says as he cuts the ball in half. "No magic. Just a nerf ball!"
Yea, but nerf balls cost $7... the Profile Toner costs $30! So we give the Profile Toner a "D-". The only reason it didn't flunk completely is that the neck exercises might actually relieve some spasms or tension. Don't waste $30 on this thing.