National drug take back event held in the Heartland

National drug take back event held in the Heartland

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The Partnership for a drug-free America says one out of every five teens has misused a prescription drug. And, the majority of them say they got the pills from the medicine cabinets of friends or family.

That's why officers all over the Heartland are participating in the drug take back on Saturday.

The idea is to keep extra pills out of the hands of someone who might be tempted to abuse them.

Folks brought their unused or expired prescription drugs to the drop-off points.

According ot the Jackson, Missouri PD, officers collected 163 lbs of expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs on Saturday.

In Williamson County, Illinois, Sheriff Bennie Vick says officers took in around 126 lbs. of expired or unwanted medication. The drugs will be disposed of by the DEA in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Sheriff's Office also received about 54 gallons of hypodermic needles or "sharps", which will be disposed of by private contractors through the jail facilities, according to Vick.

Vick says since the beginning of the program, the Williamson County Sheriff's Office has received 968 lbs. of medicine and 230 gallons of sharps for disposal.

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