Emergency responders in Marion install translation service

Emergency responders in Marion install translation service

MARION, IL (KFVS) - "I can't understand you," is the last thing a person calling 911 wants to hear.

So, emergency responders in Marion now use a phone translation service to help get emergency responders on the way quickly.

Along with the police and fire department, the water and the library plan to use it too.

"It is very difficult to have someone call in and you can't understand them and not knowing for sure what the problem is. Therefore you just have to figure out where they are and send an officer to figure that out and then there is that wait time, it is very stressful."

It was a few months ago that a bus crashed in Williamson County, carrying only Spanish speaking riders that dispatchers realized they need a way to communicate better.

The tool provides over 200 languages and the calls cost 93-cents a minute.

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