Tips to Survival

Ruth Schweer is getting ready to make a little Easter dress for her granddaughter. Sewing is the one passion she had before breast cancer and still has almost a quarter of a century after beating her cancer. At first, learning of her diagnosis was tough. It wasn't so bad for her, but for her family. "I shed tears of course but I never doubted I'd get over it. It was my family who was devastated," says Schweer.

It was the Reach to Recovery program that gave her comfort during treatment. Now as a breast cancer survivor she's volunteering her time with the program and learning quite quickly there are lots of survivors like her out there. "It's amazing how many are people survivors when you start talking to them," says Schweer.

Even after 24 years of being cancer free, Ruth doesn't let down her guard.She still practices the 3 things she recommends every woman should do to beat and catch breast cancer early. "There are three things; the first is Buddy Check 12 and the self examinations, then getting a mammogram, and the doctor' examination," says Schweer.

Those three things have kept her healthy all these years, without any reoccurrence of breast cancer. Now she can enjoy her other great passion, her family and grand kids.