Father to send only son to college with lottery win

Father to send only son to college with lottery win

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - A Hornersville, Missouri man plans to send his only son to college with his lottery win.

James Scott, 43, uncovered his quarter-million dollar prize at home and was in such disbelief that he had to have his son verify the win.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing," he said. "He almost had to pick me up off the floor."

Scott wasn't the only family member having a tough time believing the win; his father was in disbelief until they checked the ticket at the Casey's General Store in Kennett where it was bought.

"My dad's heart dropped right out of his chest," Scott said.

Once his son graduates from high school this year, Scott is looking forward to paying for his college tuition with his winnings, which Scott believes will be the most rewarding aspect of winning the $250,000.

The top-prize winner thinks he may invest some winnings into a newer house or truck as well; however, he is most excited about the financial ease that the money will bring.

"This will let us see a little bit more sunlight," he said.

Scott said he is a fairly regular lottery player and enjoys an assortment of scratchers and draw games, but admits the he had only played the "Lucky 7s Playbook" once prior to buying his winning ticket.

He bought the ticket from Casey's General Store on St. Francis Street in Kennett, Mo. on Sept. 17.

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