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CDC: Now is the time for flu shots

(KFVS) - There's something else to add to your to-do list as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says now is the time to get your flu shot.

That's because experts say it takes about two weeks for protection to build up and the season can begin as early as October.

You may be wondering how bad is the season is expected to be?

The CDC says that's not possible to predict, so the next best alternative is prevention.

Experts urge vaccines for every American older than 6 months.

The live vaccine is not recommended for women who are or could be pregnant and it's only approved for people who are younger than 50.

However, the shot is not a live version of the virus so it should be fine for anyone.

If you have concerns or questions, it may be best to consult your doctor or a health care expert before getting the shot.

The CDC recommends people who are 65 and over get a two-dose series of a new vaccine, followed by another vaccine six months later.

Children who are under six-months-old are too young for the vaccine and that's why caretakers are encouraged to get vaccinated.

For more information on who should get which shots and other information about the seasonal flu shot click here.

If you think you're too healthy to get the flu, think again. Nearly six out ten flu cases reported last year were people between 18 and 64. About 100 children died and most of them had not had a flu vaccine.

There are a ton of common myths associated with the flu vaccine.

Perhaps the most common flu myth is that the flu vaccine can give you the flu. This is of course false. Experts say it is a scientific impossibility for the vaccine to give you the flu. It does have flu antibodies in it, but they are dead and cannot harm you.

Also it's thought that the quote stomach flu is a type of influenza. Not true. If you get a stomach bug, it's a gastrointestinal virus not associated with the influenza virus and it's actually not a "flu" at all.

Now something we've been told all our lives: you'll catch a cold or even the flu from being out in the cold weather. Also not true. Since it's a virus, you can't catch that from just being cold.

Now, since it is going to be cold outside soon, we will be in close quarters inside and maybe can catch it easier from someone who has it, but that's it.

Also it's sometimes said that if you don't get a vaccine by a certain time, it's too late to do so. That isn't true either. It's ideal to get the vaccine sooner than later just to prevent it from the beginning.

But experts say the flu doesn't peak until February or even March sometimes. So you can really get it at any time.

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