Murphysboro parents speak out about possible change to elementary education

Murphysboro parents speak out about possible change to elementary education

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The landscape for teachers, parents, and students in Murphysboro could be drastically different next year.

Thursday night a public forum to discuss possible changes was a platform for debate about elementary education in Murphysboro.

A proposal by Superintendent Chris Grode has drawn both support and criticism.

Superintendent Grode would like to combine both elementary schools into two attendance centers, which would mean housing all K-2 students in one building and 3rd-5th graders in another.

He said it will create a better learning environment for students, and alleviate some of the social issues when schools combine at 6th grade.

At the public forum, Superintendent Grode outlined why he supports this proposal and then parents got their turn to speak.

While some parents show support others aren't sure this is what's best.

"I think it's a good move. Change is hard. No one likes change but I like it could be a very good situation," said Murphysboro high school teacher and parent Cody Ellermeyer.

But April Reiman questions the funding and functionality of this possible change.

"My opinion is very different from what was on this presentation both at the school board and tonight," Reiman said. "So I'm curious if we're dealing with an issue or if it's an opinion of a minority that's being pushed upon the majority."

The board of education will vote on the issue at the next meeting on Oct. 21.

If the proposal is approved, the change would take effect next year.

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