Looking for a holiday seasonal job? Experts say apply now

Looking for a holiday seasonal job? Experts say apply now

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - It is not even Halloween yet, but for some people, it may be time to start thinking about Christmas. If you want to snag a seasonal job to help earn some extra cash, experts say you've got to apply now.

Retail store managers say they're already hiring.

At VF Outlet in Sikeston, they want to make sure every customer is happy. So, as holiday shopping gets closer, the manager says seasonal workers help make that happen.

"I'm looking for six to eight extra people right now," Cindy Armstrong said.

Armstrong said with more shoppers, they need all, plus extra, hands on deck.

"[They'll be] working on the registers, they'll be working out on the sales floor, just to help wait on all the customers," Armstrong said.

However, Marketing Director for Sikeston Outlet Stores Kyla Evans said that's just one of the 14 stores that may be already hiring.

"It's never too early to find a really good, solid employee, so right now we're looking," Evans said.

Michael Berry with the Missouri Career Center said retail isn't the only industry wanting help now.

"UPS, FedEx," Berry said.

He said lots of jobs are only open until they're filled, so hurry up.

"As soon as you see those jobs start cropping up on the newspaper or websites, you want to start applying for them as soon as possible," Berry said.

At VF outlet, seasonal employees work through December. However, in some cases, the seasonal job turns into long term.

"There is a chance that some of them will stay on, last year I had three that stayed on," Armstrong said.

So, start applying, and help stores be ready for when everyone starts shopping.

"We are getting gift items in all the time and we are ready for people to come shop here," Armstrong said.

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In Cape Girardeau on Oct. 23 at the Osage Center, the Missouri Career Center will host a career fair.

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