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Vandeven uses versatile skill set to lead Jackson

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(Jackson, Mo.) - Dante Vandeven is an offensive Swiss Army knife.The dual threat Jackson senior can burn you through the air--he has 10 passing touchdowns his first 5 games--or on the ground, scrambling for an additional 9 rushing touchdowns.

"Being a senior and three years of this, things come easier, you start to read the defense better, secondary better, see things that coach sees or that other people can't or can't see quickly," Vandeven said. 

"It continues to slow down for him," said Jackson head coach Brent Eckley. "Everything he has a good handle on stuff. There's not too many things now that I can draw up or dream up or show him that he's not going to grasp."

The senior has also turned himself into quite the weapon on special teams as the team's punter.

"Mom took me out of soccer early, maybe it's just coming back from the genes I don't know," Vandeven joked. 

His longest kick?

"74 [yards] I think. I think at Vianney. I had a 74 yard punt. I think"

And to think Vandeven wanted to punt on the idea when coach Eckley brought it up three years ago.

"[Eckley] does it differently, we do our punts differently if you don't know by now you will and just the movements to it is just so weird, and it's just so unnatural, it is hard it was hard to get it," Vandeven said. 

"He was not comfortable back there at all as a sophomore, he got better as a junior and now he's completely comfortable and that helps because when your quarterback is your punter you have automatically built in the opportunity to run your offense," Eckley said. 

An offense Vandeven continues to run well. But if not, he can always pin the other team deep with one of his booming punts. 

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