Kennett police to get new K-9 officer

Kennett police to get new K-9 officer

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - The Kennett Police Department is a step closer to getting a new K-9 officer.

The department was able to raise enough money for a down payment for a new dog thanks to community support.

Captain Tim Trowbridge said the department's current K-9 officer, Midas, reached a point where he was no longer able to carry out his day-to-day obligations.

"He wasn't as aggressive as he normally was during his drug searching," Trowbridge said.

Turns out the dog has arthritis.

Trowbridge said a replacement dog would cost the department nearly $7,000.

That is why they turned to the community in hopes that residents could help foot the bill.

People like Keith Mitchell stepped up because he felt like it was the right thing to do.

"The one we have has just been a boon for the community and for the police department," Mitchell said. "And he is just a wonderful dog and a wonderful public relations person... I feel like it's very much my duty and my privilege and my obligation and my enjoyment to do it."

Trowbridge said the department reached its goal of $5,000 for a down payment.

Trowbridge said K-9 officers play a vital role in the police field.

"The dog that we are going to get and the dog that we are retiring have multiple uses," Trowbrige said. "We've used them for obviously drug searches, which is their primary use. But we use the dog for searches. In the past we have had instances where people have ran from us or people that were wanted, we've used it to wanted people."

The department is thankful for the community's support to get the new K-9.

"The majority of our citizens stand behind us on what we do and they're proud of us, they support us and it makes us want to work harder for them," Trowbridge said.

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