Man faces charges after accused of burglary in Bollinger County

Man faces charges after accused of burglary in Bollinger County

MARBILE HILL, MO (KFVS) - A Marble Hill, Missouri man faces a number of charges in connection to a burglary investigation.

According to court papers, Mitchell R. Woods faces charges of burglary, assault, theft and resisting arrest after being accused of taking items from his friend's parents house.

The sheriff's office said Woods is accused of stealing four guns, several cases of ammunition, a flat screen TV and two saws from the home on September 20.

Police saw Woods drive by while conducting an interview with a witness in Marble Hill.

According to the sheriff's office probable cause statement, the witness pointed him out to police and a pursuit began.

According to the statement, Woods attempted to allude officers in his truck and then abandoned his truck and fled on foot.

Woods is accused of swing his fist and kicking at an officer, but the officer was able to block it and arrest Woods.

After the arrest, the report says several drugs and paraphernalia were found in Wood's truck, including more stolen items. Those items include an Ernie Banks rookie baseball card from Wood's friend, a hunting range finder and a Kenwood amplifier.

According to the sheriff's office, Woods pawned a chainsaw and a 10K gold necklace at Moneytime Pawn Shop in Cape Girardeau on September 17.

These are items that the family said were missing from their home.

The sheriff's office says Woods has a felony charge for burglarizing the same home where he stole guns.

Woods is on parole for that burglary.

He is due in court for an arraignment on September 24, at 9 a.m. at the Bollinger County Courthouse.

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